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If you’re a cat lover, and several men and women are, host a kitty theme party.

A cat theme party invitation could be in the form of a kitty mind, a mouse, paw print or a fish. Anything cat related and cat shaped can be located at a party store. The sky is the only limitation with this theme.

You could run your kitty motif like a show. Have fun classes like, Best Aloof Disposition, Fattest Cat, Loudest Meow, etc.. Give out ribbons like actual cat shows do, personalized for your winner. Select a neutral person as a judge – and make sure that they aren’t allergic. Wildlife Removal Round Rock

Since cats don’t collaborate too much for games, stick with the people for this amusement. Have them create lists of cats – those appearing in cartoons, movies and TV. Other human games in a cat theme party may incorporate pin the mouse at the cat’s mouth or put the fish back in the fishbowl. A game of cat charades might be enjoyable, but because most cats sleep, the game will not be very active!

If cats are your guests, then bake a batch of kitty treats that include fish or lettuce. Place catnip out to discuss and get them in the mood. Cats can get personalized favors such as brushes or bowls.

Coming in a cat costume might be another thought if your guests are true cat lovers. Any party planner will help find and supply your cat theme party.

Cat Party

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