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If you’re considering a scuba diving holiday spot, then you need to think about Hawaiian waters. Hawaii’s waters are clear and warm, full of different colored fish and coral reefs. A different world once you’re within the water, you may experience an adventure you’re sure to remember for the rest of your life. There are eight major islands to choose from, each with their own diving places, and special characteristics. Austin Wildlife Removal

Throughout the islands, diving provides many distinct kinds of marine life, colour coralreefs, and even lava formations. The water is beautiful and clear and the majority of the time you can see up to 100 feet. You will find diving shops and resorts located throughout the islands, so you can either lease gear, or bring your own. If you do not know how to dive, do not worry, most stores will offer certification classes, or lessons if you’re not feeling comfortable.

Hawaiian waters provide diving for all skill levels. There are five primary underwater habitats which you can explore. These areas are so varied you could obtain access to them from the coast line, or even from ships. Boating out to a dive spot is the easiest access and provides the best conditions. Diving in the shore line isn’t encouraged when there is high tide.

Some of the best diving areas are available here. Some spots you may want to see are the Cannons, Tunnels Reef, or Ke’ Lagoon. All offer a wide selection of depths for intermediate and beginner sailors, ranging from 12 feet to 65 feet. These places are suggested for intermediate sailors. If you’re searching for a more challenging environment which includes monk seals, and dolphins swimming side by side with you, then head outside to the north side of Nihau.

On the main island of Hawaii you may want to go to the Kohala or Kona coastlines. There are spots like Pine Trees, Place of Refuge, Cavern Point, and Kailua Pier offering a difficulty level of beginner to advanced. Maui is also a fantastic choice with places such as Five Caves, Olowalu and Honolua Bay.

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